50-year history of the OP Soc. Capo Agri. Coop. p.a.

The Capo is an olive producers cooperative legally recognized, it was established on November 10, 1966.

The factory and the office are located in Pianella (PE) in Via Modena 472.

At 31.12.2015 in the Capo O.P. have associated 10,847 members, of which 250 cooperative members, mostly in the Pescara county, there are other financial shareholders as Coopfond.

At the national level, the Capo is member of C.N.O. Scarl (National Consortium of Olive Growers) and manages on behalf the same activities under the EU Regulation 611/615/2014 and subsequent amendments, carrying out several activities in support of associated olive growers, especially trying to increase the agronomic upgrading and olive oil techniques: traceability, and to help the olive growers to obtain high-quality extravirgin olive oil with the best result as chemical, nutritional standards, panel test sensorial score, and the highest nutraceutical health claims according to the EFSA regulation as contents in polyphenols (oleuropein, hydroxytyrosol, oleocantale, Vit E etc.).

The EU qualitative project is focus to the QC quality control, QA quality assurance are improved in all phases: agronomic, extravirgin olive oil process, storage and packaging produced in the Capo factory. The production of Vestino oils and marketing is carried out through its own brands.

The brands under which CAPO is distributing its product range are:

- VESTINO all Extra Virgin Olive Oil;

- CONDIAMOLI for flavored oils Bio Vegan with natural flavors;

- GENTILEA for pates.

The main objectives of the Cooperative are:

- the achievement by the growers of more added value for a fair return of the product, following each steps in the whole chain from production, to the processing and the marketing acitivity;

- the full value of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Quality, through the possible initiatives that can increase and spread knowledge of the qualities and peculiarities of this typical product of our region and our province.

The CAPO coop’s members assured the quality is the winning tools to win over consumers who want to be aware of and some of the products we choose every day: why all our efforts are aimed at guaranteeing such prerogatives. All investments of the Cooperative, past and future, are therefore oriented to the improvement of production and quality to ensure a fully certified high quality product.

The Guidelines – main targets - specifications have been set to allow responsible for the implementation of agricultural policies and the operators of the supply chain to have a useful tool for multiple purposes such as:

- prepare good agricultural practices (GAP) and handling or storage (GMP), taking into account the specific needs and local realities;

- set the disciplinary production of integrated supply chain contracts;

- provide technical guidance for the preparation of memoranda of understanding regarding the OP and disciplinary HACCP;

- driving any measures / actions of orientation in the RDP (locally the EU project is applied as PSR).


The quality range from Extravirgin olive oil cold extraction to the organic P.O.D. (Protected Designation of Origin), strictly excluding the use of raw materials from genetically modified (GMO). Each product is equipped with a system of traceability of food chains according to the UNI EN ISO 22005/2008, certificate no. 19736, issued by CSQA certifications.

Olive processing is programmed with the technicians who assist throughout the year olive growers up to the stage of collection and delivery to the cooperative. The olives are pressed only the members in the cooperative mill, equipped with modern equipment that allow the immediate processing of olives. The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks with inert gas (nitrogen or argon) to preserve perfectly this noble product which, after being certified, is placed on the market.

The plant is spread over an area of 5,000 square meters. In buildings are located: the mill with most modern machinery, a testing laboratory for quality control, and offices. The staff includes seven units, mostly agricultural technicians who follow the growers, and other personnel for the other activities.


CAPO coop. brand is “Vestino” with all olive oil extravirgin products:

We can proudly claim to be one of the most modern and important Coop of Olive farmers of the Abruzzo region. The O.P. Coop works and invests resources to meet the evolution of the Healthy consumer today, attentive to the characteristics of:

- certified and guaranteed as healthy and safety olive oil extravirgin: acidity, peroxides, alkyl esters and phyto pharma residues in plant protection products;

- sensory: smell and taste;

- nutrition: what content in oleic ac, polyphenols and natural vitamin E.

The safety and health standards are the main claim of our traceability in quality control program for the extra virgin olive oil, DOP, Organic, Vegan, typical production of O.P. CAPO.

- prepare good agricultural practices (GAP) and handling or storage (GMP), (according to indication of the standard 2006/583 / EC) taking into account the specific needs and local realities.

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